If you are interested in taking your Clash Royale gameplay to the next level you are in the right place. I have Thousands of hours of experience playing Clash Royale and Hundreds of hours of experience coaching it. I have never had a negative review of my coaching and if you are on the fence about getting a lesson please take some time to check out the testimonials on the website where I have some messages from past students.


Before the lesson, I will send you a clan link to join my dedicated coaching clan (only you and I will be in the clan). This clan will be used to share decks, share replays, and do friendly battles. During the lesson, we will Voice Call and Screen Share via Discord. After discussing what deck you would like to learn and/or master there are four strategies that we can implement to help you improve at the deck and the game in general.

Watch me play your deck as I explain my thought process on the deck and deliberate on why I make each play throughout the game and why it is most optimal. This strategy is especially useful for people who are auditory learners.

Watching replays of your games as I point out which plays you made that were good and which plays you made that could be improved upon. This strategy is especially effective for people who are visual learners.

Playing games yourself during the lesson while I give you tips during the game on what I would do in each situation. This strategy is especially effective for people who are kinesthetic (do it yourself) learners.

The fourth strategy is useful no matter what type of learner you might be. This strategy is to practice certain interactions such as building placements and tornado placements during a friendly battle to help you learn the specific timings and interactions.


Currently, my coaching schedule is during the weekdays around my stream schedule. Because of the recent re-vamp of my Coaching series with Clash With Ash I have seen a large surge in coaching students and the spots are filling up quickly. It is also important to note that if you are unavailable during my coaching hours but are still interested in purchasing coaching, I have worked with students in the past to get them in at a different time for a $10 scheduling fee. Join the discord to connect if you need a time not listed in the booking form.


The best way to contact me is through Discord as we will eventually have to connect there for the lesson in order to Voice call and Screen Share. You can also contact me via email or Twitter but I will be most responsive on Discord. My discord ID is JuicyJ#3333 and my email is


If you are unable to make it to a scheduled lesson please let me know 24 hours in advance. The first offense will result in a warning and the second offense will result in going without the lesson and without a refund.